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Qualifications and caring for children

The early childhood education and care industry is Australia is booming! Parents can spend as much as $190 a day on childcare services, driving huge growth in the sector, so now is a great time to take the first steps into a career in early childhood education and care development.

Given the number of responsibilities that come with the job, a well-regarded course is vital for those who want to give themselves the best chances of success. So… what exactly makes for a good course and what will make potential early childhood educators stand out from the crowd?

Leading employers in the industry, such as G8 Education and Affinity Education, are growing rapidly; meaning that their reputation is based on highly talented and qualified individuals. As such, catching the eye of employers in the industry will take vital knowledge of course programming, life-saving techniques as well as common workplace practices.

Needless to say, training in nationally recognised courses, such as those available at the BCC Institute, is key to success. However, like in any industry, the course a student undertakes will vary depending on their career plans.

For those taking their first steps into the world of early childhood education and care, the Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care allows you to consider various positions in the industry from childcare educator to playground supervisor. It teaches students everything from how to promote and provide healthy food and drinks to emergency first aid response. Those looking to further their careers and looking to become centre directors or direct supervisors could also opt for a qualification in a Diploma of Early Childhood and Care.

Whatever course the students choose, and regardless of whether students are international or domestic, studying at BCCI gives students a secure pathway to a career, progression and success.

After all, BCC Institute Courses are nationally recognised and offer both domestic and international students everything they need to know about the industry from caring for babies and toddlers to emergency first aid training. Not to mention that studying at BCCI will create other opportunities for career progression and the ability to convert to higher education courses.

Are you ready to take on a highly rewarding and in-demand career? For more information on how to unlock your potential in the early childhood education and care industry, click here. For international students, including those from Nepal, Bangladesh and Vietnam, click here.


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