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Is becoming a childcare professional right for you

Why should you consider a career in childcare?

Australia is in the middle of a childcare boom and career opportunities can be found right across the country. There’s no shortage of jobs for qualified childcare professionals and no sign of that changing soon. Very few industries can make that claim.

Childcare is an essential service that the Government invests heavily in, supporting working parents in looking after their little ones. And, by introducing new regulations to improve the overall quality in early childhood education, it benefits everyone involved in the sector.

The Australian Government estimates the Childcare sector have grown at around 8.1% over the past five years, and in the next five years childcare employment will grow by 41%.  It’s a serious industry worth approximately $11.3 billion, employing close to 150,000 people nationally in around 10,500 business.

So, it’s a dynamic sector but is it right for you?

Of course, having a passion for working with or around kids is a given. But, whether you’re just starting out in your career or, looking for a complete career change, it’s both fulfilling and rewarding.

Here are some more reasons why you might consider a career as childcare professional:

1. It’s fun!
Working with kids can be great fun, bringing joy and enrichment to your life. Working closely with children at any age allows you to experience first-hand a child’s transformation as they learn new and important lessons and develop into healthy and happy little people. Of course, it can be challenging, and kids can be hard work at times but, that just brings out the best in our professionals.

2. Employments opportunities
As mentioned above, the industry growth, new childcare businesses opening and increasing childcare enrolments are creating opportunities around the country. There are many career pathways - for example, after working as a childcare assistant you could become a childcare centre manager, or even set up your own business. There a range of childcare courses that are now available in various locations to support these changing opportunities and continued education, allowing you to mix theory and practical through study and paid work placements.

3. Professional Qualifications
For people looking for stable, flexible career or additional source of income, a career in childcare can be very attractive.  There are a variety of roles available, depending on your qualifications and experience, but there’s always opportunities to continue your education and learn new skills. There is a range of recognised courses available, full and part time, from Certificate III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and advanced courses, along with Business Leadership and Management courses which add more challenges and opportunities -if you want to pursue them. Click here for more details

4. Flexible hours
The changing dynamics in general working hours; varied opening hours, different start and finish times, full and part time, job sharing, maternity leave etc means greater flexibility and opportunities now and in the future. This flexibility can be a major reason why some people choose a career in childcare - particularly if they’re balancing career and their own family commitments or, returning to work.

5. Meeting demand
How many times have you heard on the news that there aren’t enough childcare places? With the notable increase in demand for qualified childcare workers, taking a course in childcare becomes a competitive edge in the industry. You’ll gain the necessary skills and knowledge required in the industry and for your continued development. Plus, as the standards keep improving, the qualifications are a great asset, broadening your skills and market worth.

6. Helping people
While the focus is generally on the little people, we can’t forget about their parents.  Never underestimate the service and support you’re also providing to them, enabling them to pursue their own careers or earn additional income. Having such impact and outcomes in the learning process of kids is a  rare privilege.

Selecting Childcare as your profession and your business is a serious decision. As a Childcare provider, you have a tremendous opportunity to teach and care for young children, support your community and shape the future. There are few careers as rewarding or as flexible.

For more information on how to unlock your potential in the Child Care Services, click here to find out more.


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