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Childcare professionals - maximise your pay with these easy steps

Childcare professionals - maximise your pay with these easy steps
Working in the early childhood education and care industry is a great option for anyone looking to have a long-term career in Australia. The industry is booming and has a wealth of opportunities for smart and motivated people to find fulfilling jobs from within Australia and overseas.
However, entry-level unskilled positions are getting harder to find, and rarely hold the salary levels educators are looking for. As such, here are some tips to help you maximise your pay and opportunities as an early childhood educator.

Upgrade your Early childhood educator qualifications
There are a range of options for both domestic and international educators to get qualified, ranging from a Certificate III to a university degree in Early Childhood education. If you have an existing qualification and/or experience in working in the industry, you can often get recognition of prior learning to help you minimise the time that you need to spend on your course.

Broaden your skills
If you have an existing qualification in early childhood education and care, it can also be a great idea to broaden your qualifications to help make sure that you can be of maximum value to your centre. This could include doing a course in food preparation, first aid, or even computing or business courses; so that you can be helpful not just in the immediate educator roles but also in some of the support roles within the childcare centre.

Choose a reputable educational institution for your qualification
To get the best possible pay and opportunities, it's a good idea to not only choose a good course but to also make sure that the educational institution is a quality option. Good educational institutions, like Sydney’s BCC Institute (BCCI), are highly regarded in the industry and teachers are well connected. They can help to introduce you to potential employers through the professional networks and give you access to useful work placements and casual work. This can be invaluable when you are looking to land a new position as an early childhood educator.
BCCI’s Principal and CEO, Nadine Guthrie, commented, “Whether you are looking to start a new career in early childhood education and care with the best pay, or already work as an educator and want to maximise your earnings, you should look at completing some training through a college such as BCCI. We’re really proud to see our students doing well and are always looking to welcoming new students, regardless of whether they’re from Sydney or international locations such as Nepal, Bangladesh or Vietnam”.
BCCI Courses are nationally recognised and offer both domestic and international students everything they need to know about the industry from caring for babies and toddlers to emergency first aid training. Not to mention that studying at the BCC Institute will create other opportunities for career progression and the ability to convert to higher education courses.
Are you ready to take on a highly rewarding and in-demand career? For more information on how to unlock your potential and release the best opportunities, click here. For international students, including those from Nepal, Bangladesh and Vietnam, click here.


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